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Black Murrini Set

This murrini set contains 7 beads. There are five tabs made with a black base, encased, and decorated with a murrini and three dots on each side. There are two larger beads. One has a black base which was encased. Next I added a twisty and encased again, then decorated the surface with murrini and dots. The last bead in the set has a black base encased with clear, with dots and murrini. Both larger beads are bicone shaped. The murrini is from Lori and Kim.


The tabs measure about 18mm wide by 8mm thick (.7" x .35")

The largest bead measures about 36mm long by 17mm thick (1.4" x .67")

The last bead measures about 25mm long x 15mm thick (.99" x .6")



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