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Metallic Set

To make this bead set, I started with a white base. I then selected three different colors of glass powder that create a reflective finish. I rolled one spree and three ribbed donuts in each glass color. One color is a greenish base that created a gold metallic surface, one is a dark blue that created a silvery surface, and finally a medium blue that also created a gold surface.

To accent the three spree shaped beads, I then formed a spiral on each side, and inserted a clear cubic zirconia in the spiral. The shine and sparkle of the crystals compliment the metallic finish on the sprees nicely. Finally, for contrast, I added three black dots beside the spiral on each spree.

There are a total of 12 beads. The spree beads are about 21mm (.82") in diameter and 9mm (.36") thick. The ribbed donut spacers are about 12mm (.48") in diameter and 9mm (.36") thick.



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