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Parrot Feather Earrings

My adorable Quaker Parrot was the inspiration for these earrings. When she started molting and dropping her beautiful feathers once again, I looked at them and thought it was such a shame to waste them. Then it occurred to me that I could combine my love for my birds with my love of jewelry, and these earrings were born!

The airy, delicate, 8" long earrings are made with sterling silver ear wires and copper and brass jump rings that I made myself. I chose this chain maille pattern because it reminds me of tulips, and I love the thought of my birds enjoying the day in a field of flowers.

The earrings are feminine and flowing, and very light weight despite their size. The feather shafts are wrapped with bird's nest style wire wrapping, done with copper wire. The feathers themselves consist of a single green and yellow tail feather and a single blue wing feather on each earring.

Reiki charged for the wearer's benefit.



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