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Spiral Fibula

This all began with one incredible bead. This bead had a clear base, and I added three different silver glasses - each on its own third of the bead. I encased all these silver glasses in clear, and added a spiral cut down the length of the bead. It is a beautiful, wispy, elegant bead that changes color slightly based on the lighting. The bead alone measures an amazing 54mm long (2.14").

I wanted to do something fantastic with this bead, and I had purchased a fibula tutorial by Lori Smith a while ago. That tutorial inspired me to create this incredible copper and sterling silver spiral fibula around my bead.

The spiral section of the fibula measures about 25mm (1") in diameter. The overall fibula is about 3.5" and has a sharp (use caution!) pin to fasten this work of art to your favorite sweater or scarf.

Reiki charged.

All my items are one of a kind (OOAK) glass creations. SRA #E20.



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